Now Accepting Walk-Ins!

Please read carefully as our policies have changed.

Consignment Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 11am-4pm (closing at 5pm)
Saturday - Sunday 10am-2pm (closing at 3pm)

*Consignment counter is open up to one hour before closing. We do not accept any items in the last hour of business*

Please arrive with your items in plastic trash bags. We accept up to 2 bags at a time.

All consigned items must arrive in clean, ready-to-sell condition free from odors, perfumes, stains, and pet hair. We will discontinue your consignment appointment and pass on all your items if you arrive with unlaundered clothing. Leathers, tapestry, sequins, furs, and items with the ORIGINAL RETAIL TAGS do not need to be washed. All other clothing must appear to be freshly laundered within 48 hours or dry-cleaned prior to arriving at the store. Additional fees apply for hair removal, cleaning, and third-party authentication expenses that are required PRIOR to merchandise being displayed.

Items not accepted can be picked up the same day it was dropped off *or* the following day. Items left in our possession for longer than 2 days after date of completion will automatically be donated. 

Our goal is to list items at the best possible price for consignors and customers. Generation Ave researches and provides valuation for items based on the current resale market and determines all pricing, discounts, and sales. Consignors receive an inventory list via email after items are processed and will receive a percentage of the proceeds from the final sale of the item after applicable fees have been deducted. Generation Ave currently administers payouts for sold items via PayPal or Store Credit only.

We have recently made changes to our payout schedule. See commission table below

Commission Table 

Consignor Share
Pre-owned clothing, shoes, and accessories
35% via PayPal or 40% issued in store credit

High-end labels and rare vintage at our discretion

40%-80% via PayPal or store credit


Consignor Sha
Unlaundered Item. Avoid this fee by laundering items within 1-2 days of consigning
10% deducted from payout
Hair Removal. Avoid this fee by removing all pet and human hair from items prior to consigning.
10% deducted from payout
Third-Party Authentication. Most items are authenticated in-house at no additional cost. Avoid this fee by providing receipt, authentication, or proof of purchase for high-end luxury and streetwear items.
$25 (due at appointment)
Authentication & Appraisal Services. This is reserved for consignors that seek pricing or authenticity information and choose not to consign the appraised item with us.
$25 (due at appointment)


PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept children's clothes, housewares, jewelry, lingerie/intimates, formal wear, or activewear. If your bags include any of these items we will discontinue your consignment and pass on all your items or request that you return to your vehicle to edit your bag to reflect the items we accept.

Brands we do not accept:
  • GAP (we do accept vintage GAP)
  • Banana Republic
  • Target Brands
Brandy Melville

  • Hollister

  • Victoria’s Secret
Kohl's Brands
Fashion Nova
Forever 21

  • Pretty Little Thing
Old Navy
American Eagle

We accept modern and vintage adult clothing, shoes, and select accessories for all genders. Preference is given to luxury items, designer labels, special vintage, and New With Tags items. We love versatility, quality fabrics, unique one-of-a-kind pieces that jump off the rack, elevated basics, vintage crewnecks and tees, 90s streetwear, timeless relaxed denim, statement conversation-starting pieces, natural tones and delicate hues, classic lightweight jackets for all-seasons, pleats, corduroy, minimalist aesthetics, and much more!

Generation Ave is a small store and the only consignment shop in the city of Seaside, CA. Since opening the doors in April 2022, we have received glowing reviews from our customers and consignors for the meticulously curated collection of clean, like-new merchandise we display and the pricing at which it is offered. With that said, we ask our consignors to familiarize themselves with our inventory and featured brands by browsing our physical store, online store, or Instagram before consigning. This allows consignors to understand why we may politely decline several (or all) items that might otherwise sell at another resale shop.


Thank you and looking forward to seeing what you bring!